• Cost-effective brand protection
  • Easy to verify
  • Ready to track
  • Interactive customer experience

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  • Cost-effective brand protection
  • Easy to verify
  • Ready to track
  • Interactive customer experience

TRUSTCONCEPT® Security Labels for Your Spirits

The booming online trade not only means convenience for customers but can also have its pitfalls. Counterfeiters, in particular, use virtual marketplaces to sell fake spirits online. The growing number of search queries such as ‘spirits super cheap’ or ‘spirits special offers’ show that users hope to find some cheap bargains on the internet. Unfortunately, often at the expense of their own health.

TRUSTCONCEPT® Security Labels for Spirits

Stop the life-threatening consumption of adulterated alcohol

Even professional sommeliers sometimes wonder: “How do I recognize a cut drink?” But before your customers are forced to undergo involuntary experiments, we have a more effective and healthier checking method for you: Our TRUSTCONCEPT® security labels for spirits. Buyers can see at a glance whether the product is a counterfeit or an original. Discover our advantages here:

Our Security Concept

Mechanical Tamper Protection

Our self-adhesive security labels are easy to use and securely stay in place. Simply stick them on and your product is tamper-proof.

Visual Security Features

Specially manufactured security features help to verify spirits at a glance. Experience our proprietary TRUSTCONCEPT® OVD technology!

Serialization and Authentication

Our security labeling, which can be conveniently read with any smartphone, ensures that your supply chain runs smoothly.

TRUSTCONCEPT® Security Labels – Easy to Implement

Speed is the be-all and end-all for successful supply chain management – and not just in the spirits online trade. Our TRUSTCONCEPT® security labels can be easily integrated into your production processes without any noticeable effects on your lead time. This allows you to remain fast and flexible with a significant increase in security.

It works like this:

  1. Create your own security design as required (or have it created for you)
  2. Apply the self-adhesive label to the finished product
  3. Get automatically generated notifications and alerts with information about each scan
  4. Conveniently evaluate reports and derive new marketing activities
TRUSTCONCEPT® security label on golden champagne cardboard packaging

Tamper-proof spirit labels

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